Discus Fish for Sale at Discus Co. Online Tropical Fish Store

Discus Fish for Sale Online
Discus Fish for Sale Online

Welcome to our online discus fish store! We have a great selection of high quality discus fish for sale on our online discus shop, and prices are affordable. Discus Co. provides customers in USA with high quality and rare types and strains of discus fish for sale including yellow discus, albino strains, high body discus, white butterfly, and rare purple based Cobalt. You can also purchase wild discus fish from the Amazon as well as beautiful Hybrid strains.

Baby and Juvenile Discus Fish for Sale

Our baby and Juvenile discus fish for sale (2.0 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3.0 inch) retail price, depending on the type and strain of the discus fish, as well as the size of the order, ranges from $12 to $35. Visit our affordable (Discus dot Sale) online store to buy cheapest assorted baby discus fish. Discus fish babies from Discus Co. are healthy, and will grow fast!

Breeding Pair for Sale for Discus Breeders

We also have a large selection of young to jumbo adult breeder discus fish for sale in stock. If you have a breeding program, and are looking to buy high quality discus breeding pairs for sale, you are in a right place! Discus Co. sells young mated breeding pairs that started showing spawning behaviors for great prices. Customers also can buy grand champion and proven breeding pairs of discus from Discus Co. All of our discus fish breeding pairs for sale are over 5 inch. We provide local discus breeders and fish hatchery companies with business prices.

Free Shipping within the USA

We offers FREE SHIPPING depending on where you are and if you exceed a certain purchase limit. Shipping is free for all orders over $699 in all U.S. states and Puerto Rico. For smaller orders, shipping cost starts from $35, and rates vary depending on total weight of the box and the where you are located. We ship tropical discus fish within the USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada via UPS Next Day Air and shipping cost will be automatically calculated and added to your invoice at the sale checkout process.

Texas and Louisiana

We are located in Houston, Texas and our shipping fee for major cities in the state of Texas, including Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso starts from $35. We also offer a 100% free delivery inside the Houston Inner Loop. Due to close distance, shipping rate for the states of Louisiana and Oklahoma is also cheaper than other states.

Florida and California

We have a high number of orders from Florida, California, and Illinois states. We deliver discus fish for sale to major cities in Florida, California, and Illinois, prior to 10:30 AM. Discus Co. provides customers in southern California, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Mississippi, and Michigan with lowest shipping rates ever!

Best Place to Buy Discus Fish Online

Discus Co. is the best place to buy discus fish online in the USA! We import various strains, colors, and types of discus fish, including Albino species for sale from the best discus farms and breeders. All of our discus are well acclimated and diseases free. We quarantine new discus for a minimum of a month prior to sale, so they arrive in customers’ hands healthy. Our discus fish eat German made Tetra flakes and color Granules, as well as Sera discus from Petco and Petsmart. We offer a 100% live arrival guarantee on all of our discus fish sold to buyers in the USA.

Once your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number. We will contact you by email and phone to arrange a date and time for the delivery. Please note that for fish safety, we only ship if the temperature in the destination is not lower than 50 F.

Call us at (281) 899-0029

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